Descendants of Johannes Bitler

It is commonly assumed that Johannes (John) Bitler arrived at the Port of Philadelphia on board the ship Harle around 1736. Born in Germany or Switzerland, he was one of many immigrating from the Palatinates to a better life in the American Colonies. After a short time, he married and relocated to Robeson Township, near Beckersville, Berks County, PA. It was there that he and his three sons (John "Long John", Daniel, and Michael) lived and were raised. As his children grewolder, they hadtheir own families. John moved his family north, to the farmland of Schuylkill County. His descendants continued their migration into Columbia and Montour Counties, and eventually on to the mid-west, settling primarily in Ohio, Kansas, andMichigan. Daniel stayed in Robeson Township and his descendants remained fairly local to Berks County, eventually spreading into Lancaster and some of the other surrounding counties. Michael's descendants went in various directions, some ending up closer to the Philadelphia area, while others went north into Schuylkill following his brother's family, and others in the Catawissa area of Columbia County.

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